Burgerfest Restaurant in Prague info@burgerfest.cz +420 773 232 003 /pragueburgerfest the following: Vu00fdstaviu0161tu011b Praha Holeu0161ovice
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About Burgerfest

Burgerfest, Praha. , . V z&xe1,&x159,&xed, se rozz&xe1,&x159,&xed, ohn&rozp&xe1,l&xed, ro&x161,ty a za&se linout v&&x2026, P&x159,ich&xe1,z&xed, dal&x161,&xed, ro&origin&xe1,ln&xed,ho BURGERFESTu a ty tam.

According to AppCafe stats, this place is one of the most popular Restaurants in Prague. We graded Burgerfest with the rating of 2.5 absed on the open statistics, reviews and feedback from visitors.

Burgerfest Mobile App

For now the Burgerfest Restaurant does not have a mobile application for online ordering and delivery built with AppCafe platform.

Burgerfest reviews in Prague

There were about 10 confirmed visitors for Burgerfest last time and 2 guests left a feedback. The average rating is 2.5.

Burgerfest address

Burgerfest address in Prague is the following:
the following: Vu00fdstaviu0161tu011b Praha Holeu0161ovice

Burgerfest online ordering and delivery

As far as we know, Burgerfest does not provide delivery and online ordering in Prague.

Takeaway orders for Burgerfest

Unfortunately, for now the AppCafe team has not received any information on the takeaway options from the Burgerfest. Are you a representative? Contact us: info@appcafe.org

Is the Burgerfest a popular place in Prague?

The Restaurant popularity is a relative indicator. However, there were about 0 positive reactions during the last time.

What is Burgerfest official website?

The Restaurant official website appears to be burgerfest.cz.

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